Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Petit Bill’s Bistro

Name: Petit Bill’s Bistro Address: 1293 Wellington Street West (Wellington West) Licensed: Yes High chairs/booster seats: I’m not sure Kids menu: No Price: about $30 for main dinner items, about $15 for the small plates/bistro menu We have friends and family in the Wellington West area and the little one does gymnastics in Westboro so we’re in that that part of town a lot and are… Read more →

Brew Donkey

A long awaited blog post about Ottawa & craft beer

Considering what I’m drinking right now, the title of this blog, and the fact that it’s about Ottawa you would think this would have happened by now. A blog post about beer. Did you know there are more than 20 craft breweries and brew pubs in the region (Ottawa Beer Events keeps a good list), and even more set to open… Read more →

city kid

From the mind of a city kid…

I’ve written before about how raising a kid downtown can bring some tough little-kid questions. Growing up in the city means the little one sees some stuff at an earlier age and more often than I did. Recently, my almost five-year-old said two things that kind of made my jaw drop at the impact of her urban upbringing. The other day we were driving… Read more →

Keep talking: 20 Ottawa-based child & youth mental health resources

I don’t talk about this a lot. Years ago, when I was in the military, I hit a dark period. I was alone, depressed, too thin and taking small steps toward self-harm. Fortunately, the military was very supportive. Medication, a month of stress leave and a good therapist got me through it and I’ve been great ever since. I remember thinking… Read more →

how to be a girl

How to “be a girl”

Recently, my daughter belted out a passionate rendition of Let It Go, dressed in an army camouflage tutu and wearing full Spider-Man face paint. Christmas brought a lot of much-coveted new Spidey paraphernalia (even boys underwear) to the little girl who loves sports and wants to be a construction worker. This is the same little girl who loves pink and dresses… Read more →