Keep talking: 20 Ottawa-based child & youth mental health resources

I don’t talk about this a lot. Years ago, when I was in the military, I hit a dark period. I was alone, depressed, too thin and taking small steps toward self-harm. Fortunately, the military was very supportive. Medication, a month of stress leave and a good therapist got me through it and I’ve been great ever since. I remember thinking… Read more →

How to “be a girl”

Recently, my daughter belted out a passionate rendition of Let It Go, dressed in an army camouflage tutu and wearing full Spider-Man face paint. Christmas brought a lot of much-coveted new Spidey paraphernalia (even boys underwear) to the little girl who loves sports and wants to be a construction worker. This is the same little girl who loves pink and dresses… Read more →

Get “fancy” at the Ottawa Children’s Gala

The little one recently got upset because she felt that her dresses weren’t “fancy enough” for a family dinner date with my parents at the “fancy restaurant.” Apparently there was an issue with a lack of flowers and sparkles… My kid loves her super heroes and hockey jersey, but she also loves princesses and sparkly shoes in equal measure. So when I tell… Read more →

New year…New site!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great few weeks of ODing on turkey and eggnog. We sure did! It’s been a full month of festive family fun…And a lot of Lego assembly. To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to going back to work and the regular routines…Including blogging. It’s been a while since I posted something,… Read more →

5 Ottawa Christmas events to force the holiday spirit

Little one: Can a kid be Santa when they grow up? Me: No. Yes.. Is this a trick question? Um…Why? Do you want to be Santa? Little one: Maybe. Then she saw something shiny and ran off. Thank goodness. Ever since the Santa Claus Parade last week, the little one has been bombarding me with questions about Santa and begging… Read more →

10 things we’re (I’m) learning in junior kindergarten

Several of my friends are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant or are in the new baby vortex, so lately there’s been a lot of talk of breastfeeding, body pillows and belly bands. It’s strange to think of the little one as a baby. It seems both so long ago and just yesterday. We’re out of the new parent trenches –… Read more →

Candlelight dinners

Candlelight dinners. Candlelit dinner. I suspect that for many these words carry romantic connotations. Maybe not for everyone, after all, I’m certainly no romance guru. But, if I google image the words I do get a lot of photos filled with couples, scenic views, dim lights, wine glasses, rose petals and some serious eye contact. Last night, I went out for… Read more →

Q&A with Rideau-Vanier Candidate Catherine Fortin LeFaivre

Ottawa election day is now just one week away! Have you decided who you want to represent your community? I’m quite excited about this week’s Ottawa Election 2014 post as it features a candidate from my very own ward, Rideau-Vanier. Sandy Hill resident and mom, Catherine Fortin LeFaivre is one of six candidates running in Ward 12, which is arguably one of the… Read more →

Free books for Ottawa Kids!

Do your kids like to read? According to a study by People for Education, the percentage of Ontario grade 3 students who “like to read” dropped from 76 to 50 per cent between 1998/99 and 2010/11 and the number of grade 6 students who “like to read” fell from 65 to 50 per cent. Furthermore, a study by National Literacy Trust found that… Read more →

10 Ottawa events that might be more fun the pickles & Lego

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. Sometimes, life gets in the way. We have a lot happening, some good and some not so good, but in general, we’re good. Plus, after a very busy summer, a lot has changed around here. The little one has settled into junior kindergarten and her princess obsession has been replaced with a big love of all things Spider-Man… Read more →