Brew Donkey

A long awaited blog post about Ottawa & craft beer

Considering what I’m drinking right now, the title of this blog, and the fact that it’s about Ottawa you would think this would have happened by now. A blog post about beer. Did you know there are more than 20 craft breweries and brew pubs in the region (Ottawa Beer Events keeps a good list), and even more set to open… Read more →

city kid

From the mind of a city kid…

I’ve written before about how raising a kid downtown can bring some tough little-kid questions. Growing up in the city means the little one sees some stuff at an earlier age and more often than I did. Recently, my almost five-year-old said two things that kind of made my jaw drop at the impact of her urban upbringing. The other day we were driving… Read more →

Meeting a princess at the Ottawa Children's Gala

Ottawa Children’s Gala a dream come true

This weekend, the family got dressed up and hit the town for the 5th Annual Ottawa’s Children’s Gala at the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre. It was our first time at this event and we were far from disappointed. Everything seemed to go smoothly, there was so much to see and do, and the décor was magical. The “Once upon a… Read more →

old house

Strong old houses in strong old neighbourhoods

The other day I came across a photo of my street in the 1960s. I could see my house in it. The porch was different but it looked much like it does today. I stared at it for a while, wondering about the people who lived there before me and if someday, I’d find clues about them underneath the flooring and layers… Read more →

Keep talking: 20 Ottawa-based child & youth mental health resources

I don’t talk about this a lot. Years ago, when I was in the military, I hit a dark period. I was alone, depressed, too thin and taking small steps toward self-harm. Fortunately, the military was very supportive. Medication, a month of stress leave and a good therapist got me through it and I’ve been great ever since. I remember thinking… Read more →

how to be a girl

How to “be a girl”

Recently, my daughter belted out a passionate rendition of Let It Go, dressed in an army camouflage tutu and wearing full Spider-Man face paint. Christmas brought a lot of much-coveted new Spidey paraphernalia (even boys underwear) to the little girl who loves sports and wants to be a construction worker. This is the same little girl who loves pink and dresses… Read more →

fancy shoes

Get “fancy” at the Ottawa Children’s Gala

The little one recently got upset because she felt that her dresses weren’t “fancy enough” for a family dinner date with my parents at the “fancy restaurant.” Apparently there was an issue with a lack of flowers and sparkles… My kid loves her super heroes and hockey jersey, but she also loves princesses and sparkly shoes in equal measure. So when I tell… Read more →


New year…New site!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great few weeks of ODing on turkey and eggnog. We sure did! It’s been a full month of festive family fun…And a lot of Lego assembly. To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to going back to work and the regular routines…Including blogging. It’s been a while since I posted something,… Read more →

Christmas Selfie

5 Ottawa Christmas events to force the holiday spirit

Little one: Can a kid be Santa when they grow up? Me: No. Yes.. Is this a trick question? Um…Why? Do you want to be Santa? Little one: Maybe. Then she saw something shiny and ran off. Thank goodness. Ever since the Santa Claus Parade last week, the little one has been bombarding me with questions about Santa and begging… Read more →

Karie at 4 and half

10 things we’re (I’m) learning in junior kindergarten

Several of my friends are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant or are in the new baby vortex, so lately there’s been a lot of talk of breastfeeding, body pillows and belly bands. It’s strange to think of the little one as a baby. It seems both so long ago and just yesterday. We’re out of the new parent trenches –… Read more →