Tunes for Tuesday Vol. 3: The Boy Least Likely To

The Boy Least Likely To is an indie pop duo (Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs) from England. Their songs are fun, catchy and quirky and filled with child-like imagery. I had them on a music mix I made for my daughter before she was born and played them quite often during diaper changes.

Their 2005 album, The Best Party Ever, was included in Pitchfork’s top 50 albums of 2005 and Rolling Stone named them as one of the top 10 artists to watch 2006, reportedly describing their sound as, “if all your childhood stuffed animals got together and started a band.” Kids will love singing and dancing along to “Every Goliath Has its David” and “I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star.”

Their most recent album, released in 2009, is called Law of the Playground. The song “Saddle Up” is a great way to start a Saturday morning and “When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade” might cheer up a sad little face.

But note, although this stuff seems like kids music, it isn’t. The songs are upbeat and happy sounding but some of the lyrics are in fact quite dark and/or sad. However, they’re poetic and clean. Their true meaning will likely be lost on really young ones and could be a good point for discussion with older ones. Depending on your child’s age and your comfort level, you might want to skip some, like “Sleeping with a Gun Under my Pillow”, until after bedtime.

Anyway, you can hear some samples here.

P.S. The band also has a Christmas album and will be releasing a new album in April!

Happy Tuesday!

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