Tunes for Tuesday Vol. 6: Chris Patterson

I’m quite behind this week and it’s during weeks like this that I’m especially appreciative of each and every PPP guest contributor.

I’m a little late getting this up but it is still Tuesday in all Canadian time zones. Here’s another great music recommendation/guest post from Christina Leadlay…


We’ve all had them. You know – when a bit of music or a song loops over and over in your mind, and the only possible cure is to listen to the tune again. I can’t count the number of times when I have longed for a good night’s sleep, only to lie awake with some preschool ditty or annoying children’s TV theme song playing in endless repeat in my head.

But my latest case of early-years earworm is worth sharing. It was thanks to the CBC Kids Radio that I discovered Chris Patterson children’s album, Small Potatoes (2009), which is his first solo effort (he’s been part of the Canadian comedy troupe The Arrogant Worms since the 1990s).

The 13-song album is only 25 minutes long, but it feels longer — and I mean that in a good way! Three of the songs are adaptations of childhood favourites, but it is Patterson’s original tunes that I most enjoy. Not only does he sing about common childhood issues (like misplacing a blanky, the arrival of a new baby, or playing indoors on a rainy day), but also from a child’s perspective. I especially like his neat little marching song in praise of grandparents, and the flamenco-inspired “Francisco”, a ballad in honour of a pet ferret (yes, a ferret!). We all love his rendition of “Wheels on the Bus,” which recalls the antics of Monkey Rock Music’s John King (a great local music program for toddlers and preschoolers). The lyrics throughout the album are accessible to young children, but also witty and clever to engage grown-ups.

Musically, Small Potatoes offers listeners a variety of styles, including punk rock, country, dance, and the aforementioned flamenco. In particular, the song “SuperFunCrazyRidiculous” in itself sandwiches together four genres of music, including rap and operetta (yes, rap and operetta!), which my kids can’t get enough of.

So I don’t really mind when I find myself singing snippets from Small Potatoes. And I know my children suffer from the same earworm affliction, as I have found them inadvertently humming Patterson’s melodies, requesting me to play their favourite songs.

Thanks Christina! Maybe this will finally get the Caillou theme song out of my head…


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