My kid has the world’s greatest dad

World's Greatest DadWe tend to keep it simple on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, especially this year as we had other stuff happening on both of our respective days.

Today, the little one gave the man a card that she made at preschool and they hung out with her grandfather building a “flip trick bar” for the backyard. Then we ordered pizza for dinner.

Although we don’t tend to make a huge deal about Father’s Day, the man is much loved and appreciated around here…

The truth is that despite all those mugs and t-shirts out there in the world, my kid really does have the world’s greatest dad.

He wasn’t so sure he wanted to be a dad and had never even really touched a baby before the little one was born, but I knew he’d be good at it and it turned out he was a natural from day one. He’s always been a true partner, taking on 50%, (and sometimes more) of the parenting. He’s there for the good stuff and the tough stuff…and even for the cooking and cleaning!

I could not have done this whole mom thing (and blog thing) without him and watching him with our daughter, who adores him, is one of my greatest joys.

I’m pretty lucky because the man is pretty darn awesome. And frankly, it’s because of him that the little one and I are so awesome.

I hope the little one grows up to be even half as kind, fun, responsible, patient and hardworking as her father. I hope she has his love of learning and his ability to talk to anyone. I hope she has his cooking skills and creative crafting abilities and his money smarts and healthy habits. I hope she tells better jokes.

I hope she ends up sharing her life with someone just as awesome.

To the man…Happy Father’s Day!

P.S. And to the two guys who raised me…Happy Father’s Day to you as well. You are where my awesomeness all began.

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  1. Little One's Grandma
    June 17 at 6:33 am

    A grandma couldn’t get a better partner for her daughter and father for her granddaughter. He’s the best Dad ever.

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