Sometimes you need to get away…

Magnificent scenerySometimes you need to get away.

Away from all the people – those you know and those you don’t.

Away from the text messages, Twitter, Netflix marathons and awesome iPod playlists.

Away from the condo construction sites, fire truck sirens and sitting in a hot car at 5 p.m.

Away from even the favourite parks, festivals and pub patios.

Away from work and school and the routines and familiarity of the life you love.

To a place of camp fires, caribou and carefree days.

To days filled with sand castles, ice water swims, canoe naps and hikes to nowhere.

To nights filled with marshmallows and shooting stars.

Sometimes you need to get away with the people who know you best, to a far away place you’ve never been, that for a while will feel like home.


Fishing on the beachLast week, we travelled with our closest friends to the Slate Islands, which are 10 km off the coast in northern Lake Superior.

We spent part of Canada Day playing cribbage in the sun on a small empty island. We ate Werther’s candies and beef jerky, laughed hysterically at each others jokes and marvelled at our surroundings.

The little one napped on a towel nearby.

When the game was done we canoed back to our camp and ate Kraft Dinner and hotdogs on the fire and hung out with our new friend Clarence, a wild woodland caribou.

This little get away was perfect, very Canadian and now one of our most awesome memories.

Clarence the caribou


In the canoe

The bunny

A walk with daddy

Canada Day Cribbage

Mommy and me

Beach bathtub

On Monday, I go back to life…but just for a little while…

What do you think?

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