Parent-Friendly Restaurant: 222 Lyon

Years ago, before the little one was even a thought, the man went to work in Barcelona, Spain for a few months. I went to visit him and the two weeks I spent with him there, in the little apartment that he shared with an 80-year-old woman who spoke no English and loved to knit and listen to Bohemian Rhapsody, made for some of our favourite memories. We returned when our daughter was nine months old and one day we hope to spend a year there, but until then, we’ve had to settle with finding little bits of Spain here in Ottawa.

When we came home the first time we were determined to find some Spanish food in the city. There weren’t really many options at the time except for the now closed Don Alfonso’s on Bank Street and a tiny place called 222 Lyon, at the corner of Gloucester Street and Lyon Street in Centretown

We’ve always enjoyed eating out and trying new restaurants but 222 Lyon is our favourite.

We’ve made a few good memories there as well.

It’s a small, very small, place on the first floor of an old house. I would guess it seats only about 30 people max. The menu hasn’t changed much but they offer a nice selection of Spanish tapas (small plates that are great for sharing). We’ve loved the asparagus and spicy chorizo…and of course, the sangria. The service has always been lovely and the ambiance is intimate and classy but lively.

I love eating tapas. Sharing food is great for slowing down a meal and encouraging conversation. I’m not sure if the place is kid-friendly as we’ve never bothered to bring our daughter. I don’t recall seeing any booster seats or high chairs and there is certainly no kids menu, but I suspect the staff would be accommodating.

But really, save it for date night or a get together with adult friends.

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