Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy

I’ve mentioned before that I love candy! Actually, I really love candy. I mean, I probably love candy more than coffee, spaghetti and bad TV combined. I have zero self-control when it comes to tiny jelly beans, sour keys, Starburst or pretty much any bit of sweet, sticky, fruity goodness.

The man sometimes buys me candy, hides it, then gives me a single piece when he thinks I need it. I hate and love him for it.

So Halloween, the one night of the year when I can feel good about stuffing my face with every mini-Snickers and package of Sour Patch Kids in site, is my kind of holiday.

I love Halloween and apparently so does the little one. She definitely has the candy gene but she`s also into everything else this year. Today, she was yelling “Boo!” at anyone within 20 feet.

The plan for Thursday is she’ll go door-to-door with Daddy and I’ll stay home to hand out (eat) all the candy. We’re lucky to live in a great trick-or-treating neighbourhood. The houses are close together, the streets have sidewalks and little traffic and there are kids everywhere! I actually ran out of candy way too early last year. I had to turn off all the lights and hide with the last two packages of Fuzzy Peaches.

Here’s an interesting article by Brent Toderian about what makes a neighbourhood good for trick-or-treating. Turns out Halloween can be a good indicator of a ‘hood’s general awesomeness. Take a look…Does your Ottawa neighbourhood pass the trick-or- treat test? Spoiler: urban neighbourhoods often do icon wink Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy

Anyway, over the last week we’ve done a few things to build up the Halloween excitement. Frankly, I suspect that by Thursday is will boil over in a fantastic sugary mess.

A few days ago the little one came home from preschool and insisted we decorate the house. She and the man made a bunch of Kleenex ghosts, which now reside in the play kitchen fridge. She keeps putting them in one of the kitchen drawers then telling me to open the drawer. I pretend to be terrified, she laughs hysterically and the dog goes crazy.

DSC03022 225x300 Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy

I realised that we didn’t have any Halloween decorations so when we were at Canadian Tire the other night I let the little one pick out something that we could hang outside. My little weirdo chose this…

His name is Mr. Creepy and I want to keep him forever.

DSC03037 225x300 Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy

We let our three-year-old carve her own pumpkin this year. She had some help from the man, but she scooped out the inside and drew the face herself. I love our pumpkin. Go ahead, spend hours on an elaborate pumpkin carving of Hannibal Lecter, a fire-breathing dragon, Miley Cyrus or your grandmother; I’ll take this guy instead…

DSC03024 225x300 Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candyI long ago abandoned the idea of sewing my child an super-amazing Halloween costume. This year, we gave her five choices that were based on things she’s interested in (and that I could easily put together/buy at Loblaws) . The options were the Paper Bag Princess, a witch, Spiderman, a butterfly or a pirate. She chose…

IMAG0281 179x300 Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy


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4 Responses to Halloween at our house in our hood with lots of candy

  1. Marlene

    I think the candy self control problem is genetic. I’ll eat a bag of jelly beans till I’m nauseous. Granny would eat candy till it was gone. So, you have an excuse. You can’t help it. Its in your genes.

    • Pub Patio Playdate

      Well then, I thank you for passing me this gene!

  2. Delta

    Love your ghost game! And I’m sure Mr. Creepy will be around for a long time – he’ll become a great family ‘tradition’!
    Happy Halloween!

    • Pub Patio Playdate

      That’s what I’m thinking. I think he’ll get even creepier the older he gets!

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