Taking time to stop and smell the eggnog: Our holiday calendar

advent calendar 300x179 Taking time to stop and smell the eggnog: Our holiday calendarIt’s been a little busy around here. I was in Toronto for a week for my day job and then the man and I were lucky enough to get some influenza. There was a good while when the to-do list just kept getting longer and I just wanted to hide under 17 blankets so now we’re playing catch-up.

But this time of year is always a little ridiculous at our house. It’s usually my busiest time work-wise and, if you’re a long-time follower you might recall that this is when we usually plan our big charity holiday party.

If you’re new…Basically, every year we invite 100 people over to our house to raise money for an organization that does great work in our community. We get local businesses involved, serve up some good food and drinks (okay lots of drinks) and generally have a great time.

But work plus the party plus the actual Christmas thingy makes December a little crazy.

It’s fun…Sort of. The craziness does mean I get a little/very cranky/psycho come Christmas time. Last year it was a bit much and frankly, this year, it would be way too much.

So, I’m sad (but somewhat relieved) to say that we won’t be throwing our big holiday party this year. It was a tough decision. The man and I have really enjoyed doing this project together. People have come to count on this event (the free beer) and we had visions of it being a long-standing tradition with little one eventually being the coat check girl and moving her way up to head bar tender.

What happened?

Well, it’s a lot of work and with me having recently started some new projects, there’s no room left on the plate for anything else but poutine. Plus, it had become too big for our home. We both also want to actually enjoy the holidays a little more this year. The little one is at a great age for Christmas and we don’t want to miss it.

BUT….And there’s a big BUT…

We will likely host an event!

In the new year.

In a place that’s not my home so that you (yes you) can come too.

Stay tuned!

So what am I going to do now that I don’t have to party-plan? I’m going to make a real effort to slow down and enjoy the month of December. Part of my plan to make that happen is to pour myself an eggnog and do some Christmas activities with the little one.  The goal is to do a holiday themed activity each day in December. I had wanted to an activity “advent” calendar  last year but never got to it.  December will still be very busy but this will force us to stop for a bit each day and have some family fun.

I’ll probably decide which activity we’ll do the night before based on what else we have going on and my laziness level. I readily admit that this may be like some of my other “great ideas”  in that we all might abandon it in a week, especially considering the crafting and baking requirements (not my forte). But I hope we can make it work.

I’m really looking forward to this. For about 30 minutes a day I’ll have to just be in the moment, which is something I’ve definitely been struggling with lately.

Here are the ideas we have so far…

  1. Have a hot chocolate with marshmallows
  2. Donate some food to the Ottawa Food Bank
  3. Have a Christmas music dance party
  4. Make a Christmas tree ornament
  5. Write a letter to Santa
  6. Go skating
  7. Bake cookies
  8. Go for a walk or a drive to look at Christmas lights
  9. Watch a Christmas movie and have popcorn
  10. Go to library and get some holiday/winter-themed books
  11. Go to the mall for a photo with Santa
  12. Cut out snowflakes
  13. Make a gingerbread house with Grandma
  14. Wrap presents
  15. Make a Christmas present for someone special
  16. Buy Christmas dinner supplies for a family in need
  17. Buy gifts for a family in need
  18. Help daddy put up the lights outside
  19. Go to a Christmas party
  20. Help mommy with the Christmas cards
  21. Take the dog to PetSmart for a holiday haircut (so that hopefully she’ll lose enough fur to make the airplane weight requirement)
  22. Put up decorations at home
  23. Decorate the tree at Grandma’s house
  24. Put out milk and cookies for Santa
  25. Open presents

Have you done a holiday activity advent calendar? Any other ideas?

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