10 urban Ottawa events for grownups

Date night 1This week I read a PPP post at Blog Out Loud, an event of the Ottawa International Writers Festival. It was an honour to be chosen and a wonderful experience (gold star for Lynn at Turtlehead for organizing this great night).

I was surprised at how nervous I was. My job has me speaking in front of groups all the time, but there was something about this crowd, perhaps the fact that it was more personal, that had my knees shaking. But I got though it okay and got to hear from and meet some fantastic local writers and bloggers.

Each of the 11 readings was so special and different; it would be hard to pick a favourite (FYI…you can read them all here).

It was also a great night because it turned into a somewhat impromptu grownup double date. Some close friends came to see me read and when it was over, realizing we still had two hours until the babysitter turned into a pumpkin, the four of us went out to dinner at OZ Kafe on Elgin Street. We enjoyed some good food and a glass of wine and even made plans for another night out.

After dinner, as the man and I walked back to the car in the rain we talked about what a nice evening it had been.

The thing is, we both have active evening social lives…but not with each other.

Sometimes we entertain at home after the little one goes to bed but often one of us goes out while the other minds the home front. So it’s always a treat to have a night out together…without the little one.

We (and probably you) really have to do it more often.

So in honour of spring and leaving the kids at home…Here are 10 upcoming urban Ottawa events…for grownups!

European Union Short Film Festival at Club SAW

May 8 – 9

Fair Trade Soirée Équitable at Bridgehead Roastery

May 10

Dishcrawl’s Culinary Tour of Centretown

May 20

Nature Nocturne at the Canadian Museum of Nature

May 23

Ottawa Brewery Market at Hintonburg Park

May 24

The Tenth Capital Slam Finals at the University of Ottawa

May 24

Gatineau BeerFest at Jacques-Cartier Park

May 30 – June 1

The Great Curry Cook-Off at the Great Canadian Theatre Company

May 26

Ottawa Rock Lottery at Babylon

May 17

Touch & Go at the Ottawa Little Theatre

June 3 – 21

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  1. May 4 at 10:41 am

    Us too – we both go out a few times a month but it’s the other one’s job to stay home and babysit. We probably splurge on a sitter about 3 or 4 times a year – and that’s when we can find one. We only have two more years to go before our oldest can babysit, though – we’re waiting with baited breath!

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